When you RELEASE stressed eating

and ACTIVATE body wisdom


A 4 Month Program for healing your relationship with food, body & self.


Let go of unconscious eating so that you can create freedom and ease

Stop feeling guilty / bad so that you can eat what you want and still be healthy

Re-write your food story so that you can feel healthy, happy and at peace


About R.A.E of Light 



This program is designed to help heal Binge, Emotional and Stressed Eating, which causes overeating. We spend so much time fighting our body, fearing food and wondering if we will ever stop. 


Yes Girl! It is possible to heal your relationship with food even though it might seem impossible. Does this happen to you?... 


Even though you feel like you are having a good day, you still binge. 

Even though you are doing your best to resist the break room, you binge.

Even though you are doing all the things when stress hits you, you binge.


I hear you. I know it is heartbreaking to be in this cycle.

You are doing “all the things” and still lose control.


You feel sooo guilty and awful and you don’t know why. You end up hating yourself and it feels like everyone else can just not eat when their not hungry.


Food is comfort and you unconsciously reach for food the moment you feel stress.


There is a way out of this. It is time to wake up so that you can pay attention to what you are doing and become a more mindful / intuitive eater.


R.A.E of Light is a gentle, but practical approach to food and body. We’ll break down the rules and create new ones.  


I know, it can be hard to imagine life without having some kind of stress, control or rules around food, but it is possible and it’s called F R E E D O M.


There’s tons of information about nutrition these days. Everyone’s telling you something different: lose weight by eating this or stay away from that. 


The thing is: deep down, YOU KNOW what to eat. 


You have just lost touch to your body and it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful to reconnect. #amen


By honoring, listening and tuning into your body you will find a way of eating that is easy, simple and on autopilot.



Together we’ll:

Go beyond food

Let go


Change your story

Trust the process


The only requirement is: you gotta be WILLING.


So, ya ready?

Joining R.A.E of Light you will...



> Improve your self esteem

> Eat what you want and still feel healthy

> Have a peace of mind

> Improve your mood

> Manage/ regulate  your emotions better

> Increase Energy

> Feel more satisfied

> Radiate Confidence

> Comfortable in your skin

> Become the "real" you (authentic)

> Improve your digestion

> GLOW (hair, skin, nails)

> Know how to manage stress better

>> and so much more.


Who is R.A.E of Light for?

 If you D E S I R E to...


Be healthy.


Feel strong.


Don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about food.


Not have a plan and eat more mindfully.


Find your natural/ideal weight without dieting.


Feel satisfied by meals.


Increase your quality of life.


Have an exercise routine that is exciting and you love.

Have P E A C E. 


Peace with your body, food and self.


You want to feel A M A Z I N G in your clothes.


TRUST yo self!


Know and BECOME your TRUE self.

Hannah Hipps

A message from Hannah Hipps.

Dear Friends,


What kind of life you will you live when you’re no longer stressed about food? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


I want you to never have to go on another diet.

I want you to LOVE you body.

I want you to nourish yourself.


Can you even imagine one of those?


Think about that for a minute.


Who would you be if you felt at peace with yourself?


We hold ourselves back because of our belief system. We get scared to feel our feelings or to ask ourselves the hard questions. That is where I come in. To help you unravel the layers of your beliefs and create a whole new life.


I believe the more we care...Love...respect ourselves the better our life is. The way we eat, move and live come from a place of LOVE that allows everything else to flow. Isn't that what you want a little more ease and flow?


I’m here to say…


Eating healthy can be easy.


You can be happy without losing weight.


You can love your body right now, AS IT IS, even as you read this.


Shining Light,




What to expect


+ Sessions: 8 - 90 Minute 1:1 Sessions Every other week (2x a month) for 4 Months.

Sessions are ONLINE via Zoom or IN Person (location TBD)


+ Homework: 2 - 3 Assignments given at the end of each session.

[Writing, Journaling, Meditation / Visualization, Embodiment Practices, Mind Body Nutrition Principles]


+ Integration and Practice: Use of Nutrition, Psychology and yoga strategies.The more committed you are and work the process the bigger the transformation.


+ Support: Unlimited Voxer (voice text), Email and FB Messenger are available in between sessions to keep you moving forward.

The Details

  • Mind Body Nutrition 


    Not only will we discuss How, When and What to eat so that you can feel satisfied with food, but acknowledge how thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact nutritional metabolism and health.


    Mind Body nutrition goes beyond nutrition and focuses on you as the eater. By focusing on the fascinating connections between brain, body, and behavior so that you can sustain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So that you can have energy to do the things you really want to do, be more active and  feel better about yourself.


    Understand the effects of stress physiology and the relaxation response so that you stop stress eating. You will develop a better relationship with food so that you can eat what you want without overthinking it. Look beyond just nutrition so that you don’t have to keep wondering if nothing is ever going to work for you and know that you’re making a sustainable shift that will actually last. 


  • Eating Psychology (Emotional Behavior) 



    Affirms that our relationship with food is here to teach us if we choose to listen. By diving deeper into our relationship with food we can  recognize that our challenges with eating, weight and health are intimately connected to other areas of our life – relationship, family, work, sexuality, our search for meaning and fulfillment, and so much more.


    You will be able to manage your emotions better so that you can create a deeper connection to your body, self and feel confident in who you are. You will learn how to cope with your emotions so that you can get rid of the feeling of regret or bad about yourself when you emotionally eat.


    Eating will stop being a form of disassociation so that you can become more comfortable with your emotions and create connections with others. Love what is.



  • Body Intelligence (Mindfulness)



    Learn to be more mindful with food so that eating can be easy and natural.

    Learn to tap into your body wisdom so that you feel comfortable with yourself and food choices.


    We will create a framework for intuitive eating so that you find your ideal weight without calorie counting, restriction or gimmicks. You will learn how to become a more conscious eater so that you don’t worry or stress about other people's needs, but focus on you first.


    Eat real food so that you feel nourished and satisfied when you eat as well as eat foods for pleasure.


    Focus on what your body desires so that you can create an eating and exercise plan that is fun, exciting and that you love. Learn to connect to your body so that you can find your ideal weight and staying there will be easy and natural. You will stop questioning yourself and listen to your body so that you have a peace of mind and improved health.


    You will gain body confidence so that you let go of feeling frustrated, embarrassed and ashamed with yourself. Become more mindful so that you can finally end the bad habit cycle so that you can eat to live not live to eat.

❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  


The way you eat mirrors the way you live.


Are you restricting your calories, pleasure or controlling food? What else are you holding yourself back


You have permission to eat food you enjoy.

You have permission to move in a way that lights you up.

You have permission to live how you want.


In R.A.E of Light you will learn how to eat, listen to your body and love yourself (mind, body, soul).

About Hannah

Hannah is a seeker of light.

She is an Eating Psychology Coach (Mind Body Eating Coach), Yoga Teacher and a mom to 1.

She went from restricting her diet to binge eating to balance. Letting go of all the rules gave her so much freedom in her food choices.

She fell in love with slowing down, connecting to her body and listening to her inner guidance.

It is a journey that never truly ends, but keeps evolving and being refined.

Stepping into this work has been a true gift, she is passionate about helping you find peace with yourself, food and body because life is so much sweeter when you turn to LOVE.

Total investment: $1,500 Paid in Full ​


4 -$444 monthly payments

You will receive an email with the details immediately upon purchasing. 

Thank You!

Click the link above if you want to chat with me before you make the leap. I will contact you within 24-48 hours and we can see if this program is a good fit. I can't wait to connect with you.

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